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Elige el electroestimulador que más se ajuste a tus necesidades

Electrostimulation is a technique that causes the contraction of muscles, very similar to the voluntary one, through the use of electrical impulses, which act on the motor points of the muscle. As is known, the muscles contract due to impulses coming from our nervous system, which then resume their normal length, thanks to their elasticity, once the impulse ends. The motor nerve fiber, even before it enters a muscle, splits into many branches and ends on the motor plate of the muscle. The motor unit, therefore, is made up of the muscle fibers and motor nerve fibers. The muscle fiber, responds to electrical impulses, only when they reach a certain threshold.

Electrostimulation effectively supports kinesian therapy in atrophies, reducing pain sensitivity and helping in functional recovery after long-term immobilization. For an effective treatment with an electrostimulator like this Tesmed TE670 it is necessary to have available: electrodes, a stimulation program and different types of waves.

Tesmed TE670: Go to the best offer!

An advanced technical solution

This Tesmed TE670 electro-stimulator is able to offer its customers an excellent level of muscle stimulation, despite the fact that it is clearly an entry level product, which cannot be compared, for its price range, to the top of the range for professional use. Among our pages, if you are looking for a product that offers truly professional performance, you can also read the review of the Tesmed TE780 Plus, which unlike the model in question, has more specific programs and more power. However, for those who are not very demanding, this Tesmed TE670 can still offer many satisfactions.

It has 4 channels, but the more experienced, who want to achieve better results in less time, can use even just 2, to double the power on each muscle group. In this case, as recommended by the user manual, it is recommended to always use one black and one red plug per channel, so as to have both positive and negative, covering the other two with the caps in the package. Package that includes several accessories, in addition to the electrostimulator and the complete user manual, and are: 1 package of 4 x 4 cm adhesive electrodes, 2 bipolar cables and batteries.

What this product offers

First and foremost, despite the economic nature of the product, the Tesmed TE670 offers modern design, state-of-the-art technology and compact dimensions. It is an electro-medical product that offers really interesting performances, despite a very low price, with as many as 28 treatments against pain pre-installed, which perform a real analgesic action, against tendonitis, cramps, low back and neck pain.

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Beauty group treatments, on the other hand, allow you to rediscover and maintain a harmonious and firm body, with an enviable line, while for athletes, this electro-stimulator offers treatments capable of significantly improving the quality of muscles. Ultimately, it is an excellent tool for those who do not have special needs, but want to enter the world of electrical stimulation, with a good product, with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Tesmed TE670: Go to the best offer!

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